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HELICOIL® Mandrel tools

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HELICOIL® plus installation mandrels for electric, battery and pneumatic installation tools:

  • Type 4160.23 (structural shape 1)
  • Type 4160.25 (structural shape 2)

HELICOIL® tangfree installation tool:

  • Type 5160.45

These installation mandrels can also be used as manual installation mandrels.

Screwlock installation mandrels are marked with a ring-shaped puncture at the leading shank.
Free running installation mandrels are provided with a smooth guiding shank.

Only for installation of HELICOIL® Plus Free Running and Screwlock
With external hexagon DIN 3126 – E 6.3/DIN ISO 1173.
For installation tools types B-S 206, E-S 206, E-S 410, P-S 412

Your benefits

  • Quick tool change
  • Reduced tool costs
  • Sizes M 2 to M 24
  • Pick-and-place processing possible