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Powercoil® Thread Repair Kits

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About PowerCoil Thread Repair Kits:
PowerCoil Thread Repair Kits include all the necessary tools to successfully repair damaged threads. Power Coil Thread Repair Kits are fully compatible with others such as Emhart Helicoil, Alcoa Recoil, Voelkel V-Coil, VCoil, V Coil, Armstrong Armacoil, Filtec, Kato Coilthread, Timesert, WTI, Permacoil.

Powercoil Kits come with:

  • HSS Drill Bit
  • Powercoil Intermediate Tap
  • Powercoil Installation Tool
  • Powercoil Tang Break-Off Tool
  • Powercoil Inserts
  • Detailed installation instructions in an easy to use leaflet

*Sizes up to M12 & 1/2″
*Sizes up to M24 & 1″
*Sizes bigger than M24 & 1″
*Workshop Kits

Power Coil Thread Repair Kit Features and Benefits:

  • Tough and Attractively Packaged Kits – clean, modern, slim-line design of robust construction.
  • Stackable – subtly integrated feet interlock top and bottom of cases for secure vertical stacking of Power Coil Kits.
  • Full Color Label – in protective recess on front of box. Simplified installation instructions are printed on a label on the inside of lid. Rear identification labels are also included on the base and end of each Power Coil kit for easy identification when stacked.
  • Simple Installation – detailed installation instructions are provided in an easy to use leaflet with every kit.
  • Flexible Rubber Tool Holder – prevents tools from rattling around inside the box.
  • Hanger Slide Latch – provides a positive locks for the lid.
  • Insert Storage – internal ribs prevent the PowerCoil inserts from moving to other areas of the box. Exit ramps to assist in removal of smaller inserts from compartments.
  • Clam Shell Inserts – wide range of replacement PowerCoil inserts available in attractive, tamper-proof clam shell packets.

Product video

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