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HELICOIL® plus screwlock

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The HELICOIL® plus screwlock has the same benefits regarding the threads as the HELICOIL® plus free running and it is confirming to DIN 8140-b.
Additionally an integrated screw clamping area serves as a screw-lock.
The screw clamping is realised by one or more polygone formed windings that clamp the flanks of the screwed-in screws. The result is an elastic frictional resistance.
The HELICOIL® plus screwlock can be recognised thanks to its red colour.
The HELICOIL® screwlock inserts can only be used with screws of property class 8.8 or higher.

The HELICOIL® plus is trademark owned by Böllhoff and presentend in Bulgaria by KEL Bulgaria.

The newest generation of this technology is HELICOIL® plus. Easy handling
allows easier installation. Thanks to the reduced diameter in the first thread, the thread insert can be screwed in like a screw.

HELICOIL® plus inserts are highly wear-, corrosion-, and heat-resistant and show low thread friction within small tolerances.

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