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HELICOIL® Мachine taps

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HELICOIL® machine taps are available in various dimensions.

  • Type 0141.1
  • Type 0141.4
  • Type 0141.5

Type 0141.1
HELICOIL® machine tap, straight-fluted, rake angle 10°, with spiral point 4-lead chamfer for through holes, for blind holes with deeper drilled tap hole. For materials with a strength of max. 850 N/mm2**

Type 0141.4
HELICOIL® machine tap, spiral flutes 45° right-hand spiral, rake angle 15°, 2-lead chamfer for blind holes. Also suitable for aluminium casting alloys with a very low content of Si (≤ 2 %). For aluminium wrought alloys with a strength of up to 500 N/mm2**. Up to M 8 2-flute from M 9 3-flute and additionally also for soft steels with a strength of up to 450 N/mm2**.

Type 0141.5
HELICOIL® machine tap, spiral flutes 40° right-hand spiral, rake angle 10°, 2–3-lead chamfer for blind holes, for blind holes with deeper drilled tap hole. For steels with a strength from 500 N/mm2** to 850 N/mm2** maximum. Also suitable for aluminium alloys with an Si content of up to approximately 10 %. For Si-content > 10 % see page 30.