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The NORD-LOCK® screw-locking system takes advantage of the different angle relations between the cam faces and the screw thread for an effective locking of screwed connections in critical applications.


  • Maximum safety up to screw quality 12.9
  • Reliable screw-locking even under extreme vibration and dynamic loads
  • Easy assembly and removal, reusable
  • Locking function for high and low preload-forces
  • Same operating temperature range as screw / nut
  • Gentle to surface
  • Wide range of dimensions and different materials Chrome-free (VI)

NORD-LOCK is a bolt securing system that does not use traditional techniques to secure the fastener, and yet it is a safe locking system. This proven wedge-locking method meeting DIN 25201 utilises tension instead of friction to secure a bolted joint, making it superior to traditional methods.

The NORD-LOCK bolt securing system incorporates a pair of washers that have cam faces on one side with the cam angle “a“ greater than the thread pitch “b”. In addition, there are radial teeth on the opposite sides. The pre-assembled washers are installed in pairs, cam face to cam face. When the bolt and/or nut is tightened the teeth of the NORD-LOCK washers grip and lock the mating surfaces allowing movement only across the cam faces. Any rotation of the bolt/nut is blocked by the wedge effect of the cams. NORD-LOCK safely secures bolted joints exposed to vibration and dynamic loads.

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