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HELICOIL® tangfree

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You do not need a tang to install these thread inserts. Therefore, tang break and removal are not required. Combined with the matching installation tools, the current innovation status in the HELICOIL® technology is a perfect addition to the HELICOIL® product family.

  • No tang break
  • No tang removal
  • Installation on both sides
  • High-strength
  • Corrosion and heat resistant
  • Wear-free
  • Uniform load and stress distribution

Your benefits:

  • Reliable installation.
  • Optimised mandrel length.
  • Reduction of the interference contour diameter.
  • Blade replacement without disassembly of the mechanical stop possible.
  • Integrated tool spring, no spring deformation or damage during the blade replacement.
  • The HELICOIL® tangfree thread insert will not get caught in the blade slot.

HELICOIL® tangfree is compatible to the HELICOIL® plus system
This means:

  • Identical HELICOIL® plus holding threads.
  • No design modification.
  • No other taps necessary.

The innovative production concept

The innovative coil of the insert allows installation from both ends with identical quality. Thanks to the reduced thread on both ends and to the inlet-optimised coil ends, the HELICOIL® tangfree thread insert can be installed without special alignment. The coil thread insert does not have a preferable end for installation. Therefore, the HELICOIL® tangfree does not need to be orientated for successful installation.

This ensures quick and safe installation. The HELICOIL® tangfree can be easily screwed onto the mandrel and smoothly enters the prepared tapped hole. During loading, the spring-mounted installation blade grips into the notch of the coil thread insert and securely installs it in the prepared tapped hole.

As a result of the optimised geometry of the HELICOIL® tangfree thread insert, tool wear is minimised. Tool blade life for HELICOIL® tangfree is longer and maintenance of the installation tools is easier than for the HELICOIL® tangless tool generation. Particularly the replacement of the tool blade has been optimised.

Product video

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