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RIVSET® self-pierce riveting is a process for a high strength mechanical joining of similar or combinations of materials whereby several layers can be joined without problem.

The joints:

  • High-strength
  • Suitable for visual inspection
  • Reproducible, no pre-drilling
  • Watertight and airtight
  • For joining metallic and non-metallic materials
  • For fastening dissimilar metals
  • For various thicknesses of material
  • For various strengths of material

All manufacturing industry has to join materials together. The importance and use of mechanical joining methods has increased significantly in recent years.


  • No pre-drilling
  • Especially approvite for hybrid joining
  • High dynamic fastness
  • Force and form-fit

The trend is towards the use of lightweight assemblies, galvanised and coated steels, high strenght steels, aluminium and plastics and combinations of these materials.
Particularly in the sheet-metal industry, RIVSET® self-pierce riveting has turned out to be very promising as an alternative and/or an addition to the previously dominating joining methods.

Material layers are joined by a hardened semi-tubular rivet in a single step with no pre-drilling, little noise and no emissions, producing an interlocked friction joint. The rivet is designed to penetrate through the top material and is spread under the influence of a die positioned below the lower material. As this lower material is not pierced the resulting joint is localised and impervious to gas and liquid.

How it works:

  • Clamping device
  • Punch
  • Self-pierce rivet
  • Upper workpiece
  • Lower workpiece
  • Die

Product video

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