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Flexible, mobile and reliable

- Ergonomic two-component housing: secure grip, non-slip

- Combination possibilities: the riveting head/frame on site

- Basic units: setting forces 25–50 kN and 40–80 kN

- Lithium-ion battery: no memory effect, exchange of higher performance and capacity

- High-quality charger: extremly short charging times (15/22 minutes)

- Processing tape-collated or loose RIVSET® self-pierce rivets

- Optimal accessibility to joint through small setting head

- Choice of mains or battery operation

- Wearing parts simple and fast to change

- Easy handling

- Adjustable setting forces

- For rivet types C and K with a diameter of 3 mm and 5 mm

- For HDX rivets with a diameter of 4 mm and 6 mm

- Different C-frame shapes

- Site fabrication

- Prototype construction

- Refinishing solution

- Repairs

RIVSET® self-pierce riveting is a well-known process for high strength mechanical joining of similar or dissimilar materials. Also several layers can be joined without problem. The technical issue of joining different materials concerns all manufacturing industries. Furthermore, the flexibility during the production plays an important role.
The RIVSET® Portable hand tools enable flexible combination options while using the same basic unit.
Self-pierce rivet heads can be easily replaced directly onsite.

RIVSET® Portable is recommended for applications requiring approx. 10.000 setting cycles annually.

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