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Self-pierce riveting in its new generation.

The next generation of semi-tubular self-pierce riveting technology RIVSET® Gen2 enables the process time to be halved during the joining of mixed materials and high-strength steels.
It is targeted towards applications in large-volume productions with a maximum flexibility in production planning.

RIVSET® Gen2 Single, Twin und Triple
System consisting of setting tool, drive, switching cabinet, process control and one separating stop.
Feeding: Blow feed
During blow feeding, the rivets are fed loosely by compressed air.
All systems offer the following parameters:

  • Suited for small, medium, large and lightweight setting tools
  • Designed for joints with a setting force of 50 kN and 75 kN
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Attachment for setting tools available
  • Process control included
  • Docking, visualisation or control panel

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