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  • Product specifications
  • Product characteristics

  • Different security recesses
  • Different Headstyles
  • For most security recesses special tools are necessary both for assembling and disassembling.
  • One-Way screws are assembled with a standard screwdriver. One-Way screws are not recommended when future disassembly can be expected.

SecuFast ®

SecuFast® Security Fasteners and the associated, perfectly suited tools are made to prevent vandalism and theft. They therefore guarantee you an additional form of safety and security. You can choose from a large number of unique recesses, each with their own specific characteristics.


SecuFast ® Snake Eyes®

SecuFast ® Pin Hexagon

SecuFast ® 6-Lobe

SecuFast ® One-Way

SecuFast ® Armour Rings

SecuFast ® Pin Phillips

SecuFast ® Pinplug

SecuFast ® TP3®

SecuFast ® Celok®

SecuFast ® Tri-Wing®

SecuFast ® Opsit®

SecuFast ® Tricle

SecuFast ® McGard® Systems

SecuFast ® Cinstar®