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The PARRYPLUG® is a locking element that can be used to protect threaded connections against tampering. Specially constructed axial ribs ensure defined and secure heavy-force fit, preventing incursion by a tool into the internal drive.

To take the fine tolerances of common hexagon socket drives into account, these locking elements are manufactured to the highest standard in our own facilities.

Use of high-performance plastic allows for a wide temperature range of 50°C to +200°C. Customised colours are possible on request.

- Reliable and convenient installation provide an advantage when assembling

- Perfectly tight fit provides maximum protection against tampering

- Clean and visually attractive solution

- Can be removed with appropriate tool

- Broad temperature range (-50°C to +200°C)

Up to six plugs in the magazine enable simple installation without tools. A handling aid inserts the plug into the screw drive. The handling aid is rotated or tipped to release the plug. The installed PARRYPLUG® thus provides clean and effective protection immediately. Quick and simple – installation is repeated without any further preparation until all of the plugs have been installed.

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