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PRECOTE® Dry locking and sealing

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Precote® products are used in most industries:

  • automotive and tier 1 supplier industry
  • aeronautic engineering
  • railway vehicle manufacturing
  • plant and mechanical engineering
  • domestic appliances and electronics industry
  • countless customized solutions for a wide choice of further applications

• Extreme locking effect under dynamic loading
• Reliable sealing by coating the entire circumference of the thread
• Consistent assembly values due to homogenous application of material
• Application on almost every type of surface
• Excellent thermal resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Inhibiting corrosion
• Inseparable connection of screw and locking element, i.e. the lokking element cannot get lost or be forgotten
• Physiologically safe

Precote® products offer optimal solutions for locking and sealing as well as controlled assembly and disassembly. These specially developed products designed for the pre-coating of threads are based on our unique microencapsulation technology enabling us to offer many advantages over conventional adhesives. The pre-coated adhesive is inactive and dry to the touch until the coated fastener is used. During assembly the adhesive is activated. Able to cure quickly at room temperature, precote® coating provides a reliable locking and sealing function.