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KOBSERT® threat inserts achieve a heavy-duty connection capability in low-strength metal materials for instance in aluminium and magnesium alloys.

  • Creation of high-strength, wear-resistant, vibration-resistant and torsion-proof nut threads.
  • Tight fit: The KOBSERT® is mechanically anchored without additional securing pins or washers and without chemical adhesion or sealing materials.
  • Thread repair: KOBSERT® thread inserts also serve to repair damaged threads.
  • Sealing function: The KOBSERT® thread insert with sealing ring is designed for gas- and liquid-tight joints.
  • The KOBSERT® thread insert is trademark owned by Böllhoff .

Metric ISO thread DIN 13, tolerance range for industry standard screws and nuts tolerance 6g/6H.

  • DIN 267 Part 2 Product Class A.
  • Steel, galvanic Zink plated, colourless chromated (for Order no. see page 5 – 9).
  • Stainless steel, coatless (5th digit of the order no. changes from 0 to 6).
    Sealing Ring
  • PERBUNAN® (eWZ Bayer AG) 70 Shore A, heat resistant to ~140°C. [VITON®, eWZ E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Co. INC.], to 300°C (put 1 as the 5th digit of the order no.).

Other specifications available on request.

The principle
When installing the threaded inserts, the safety flange is pressed into the surface of the parent material. (This reduces the pipe-shaped neck area under the safety flange and covers as far as the mounting thread). After installation into the part, the threaded inserts are reliably protected against unscrewing, even when the part is exposed to dynamic screwload or extreme temperatures. Due to the installation process where the KOBSERT® body is pulled into the same direction like the screwload, the clearance of the external thread is compensated. The external thread is pre-setted proberly

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