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• Solid bushing utilising locking keys provides positive mechanical
lock against rotation
• High strength and reliabilty provides maximum pullout strength
• Installed using standard drills and taps
• Simple installation – no special skills required
• Suitable for use in a wide range of parent materials
• Impossible to cross thread during installation
• Simple removal process if required
• No tang to break and remove
• Available in metric sizes, inch sizes and spark plug sizes
• Available in Thinwall and Heavy Duty

Loksert solid keylocking inserts are an easily installed thread assembly that is ideal for replacing damaged or worn threads in virtually any material – ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic. They are constructed from high quality carbon steel or extremely hardwaring stainless steel. One piece loksert inserts are supplied with the dove-tailed locking keys pre-assembled. The pre-positioned keys automatically position the insert at the correct depth below the surface of the parent material. Lokserts are suitable for repairing and creating threads in a wide range of applications including forgings and castings and are especially suited to situations that experience heavy wear and vibration – such as mining, construction and eathmoving equipment.


  • Drill – with standard drill
  • Countersink – with cone countersink (80° – 100°)
  • Thread – with standard tap
  • Screw in – by hand or with installation tool (see installation data pages B-1 to B-4)
  • Lock in Place – drive the kees into place by hand or in a press with the appropriate
  • installation tool.


  • Drill out material between keys and internal thread with standard drill to specified depth (refer to charts for proper dimensions).
  • Deflect keys inward and break off.
  • Remove insert using an E-Z OUT or similar type tool.
  • Same size replacement insert may be installed in the original hole.

Product video

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