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RIVKLE® B2007 – Electro-hydraulic technology

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A battery operated setting tool for blind rivet nuts and studs, built for intensive industrial use.

Böllhoff has developed a battery power tool using electro-hydraulic innovative technology.
With an equal performance like Böllhoffs current best selling tool RIVKLE® P2007, the RIVKLE® B2007 can be used more flexible due to its energy independence.
The Li-Ion battery technology enables additionally long-lasting service life with one battery charge.


  • Battery capacity up to 800 riveting cycles
  • Precise riveting force adjustment (via display)
  • Electro-hydraulic technology (process repeatability and reliability)
  • Practical and easy handling (more ergonomic)
  • Dimension (M 3 to M 10 steel)

Product strengths:

  • Nomadic
  • Great autonomy
  • Large setting capacity
  • Designed for large series
  • Innovative electro-hydraulic technology

Product video

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