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Category: Metal inserts for plastics
Product Specifications

Safe adhesion without loss of performance

ONSERT® technology allows adhesion of different fasteners to diverse materials.

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An efficient connection

Böllhoff, as a specialist in mechanical joining technology, and DELO, as a specialist for intelligent bonding technology, have together developed a new fastening system.
It’s the ONSERT® technology – quick bonding of fasteners without loss of performance.

Your benefits:

* Optimised design ensures distortion-free surfaces; ideal where close tolerance or visual requirements are important. Fastening elements do not become apparent on the visible side through

* Heat input such as it happens during welding and heat curing

* Processing parameters independent of customer component

* Full mechanical load capacity immediately after irradiation (no post-crosslinking)

* Short curing times (< 5 sec)

Bonding process

  1. Dispensing
  2. Joining
  3. Curing

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