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MFC solid bush inserts

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Category: MFC solid bush inserts
Product Specifications

Cylindrical, metal bushing inserts with threads on the inside and application specific features on the outside (like knurling or threads) that lock and anchor the insert into a plastic, wood, or metal substrate.

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Improve Strength and Reduce Wear

* Threaded inserts offer permanent, wear-resistant internal threads to
anchor fasteners in plastic or metal-base materials.

* Threaded inserts distribute force over a large area, increasing the
load-bearing capacity.

* Threaded inserts provide 2x the pull-out resistance of a tapped hole.


Easy Installation

* One step installation means lower total installed cost

* Compare one-step installation vs. 3 steps for wire-coil inserts

* No special tools or tap sizes are required to install

* Groov-Pin’s threaded inserts install the first time, every time

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