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MFC солидни вложки

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Категория: MFC солидни вложки
Спецификации на продукта

Цилиндрични, метална втулка вложки с Конци на вътрешно и външно приложение специфичните особености на външния (като knurling или Конци) that lock and anchor the insert into a plastic, wood, или метална основа.


Improve Strength and Reduce Wear

* Threaded inserts offer permanent, wear-resistant internal threads to
anchor fasteners in plastic or metal-base materials.

* Threaded inserts distribute force over a large area, increasing the
load-bearing capacity.

* Threaded inserts provide 2x the pull-out resistance of a tapped hole.

Easy Installation

* One step installation means lower total installed cost

* Compare one-step installation vs. 3 steps for wire-coil inserts

* No special tools or tap sizes are required to install

* Groov-Pin’s threaded inserts install the first time, every time